Biological Microscopes

  • The modular DMi8 inverted microscope is the heart of the DMi8 S platform solution. For routine to live cell research, the DMi8 S platform is a complete solution. Whether you need to precisely follow the development of a single cell in a dish, screen through multiple assays, obtain single molecule resolution, or tease out behaviors of complex processes, a DMi8 S system will enable you to see more, see faster, and find the hidden.
  • The Leica DM IL LED features a comprehensive set of contrast methods to monitor your specimen the way you need. High-quality Phase contrast, excellent modulation contrast and brilliant fluorescence are just one fingertip away.
  • PAULA helps you to speed up your daily cell culture tasks and standardize the results to improve your downstream workflow, offering you essential analysis apps like confluence and transfection efficiency check
  • The Leica DMi1 the perfect partner for your live cell laboratory. Use the S40 condenser for optimal resolution with slides, petri dishes, multi-well dishes, and most types of flasks