Educational Microscopy

  • The Leica CLS LED light source has been developed for routine and high-end microscopy applications. It is compatible with all fiber-optic light guides of the LED series.
  • The Leica LED3000 SLI and Leica LED5000 SLI each feature two bright LED spotlights, which can be individually adjusted to the sample with two goosenecks. The control element is mounted on a separate gooseneck and can be placed in any position.
  • The Leica LED5000 / Leica LED3000 family is also fully integrated into the complete system of stereomicro­scopes and accessories from Leica Microsystems Focusing columns with integrated electronics connect all digital signals and send them to Leica Application Suite
  • M80 with 8:1-zoom range, with a continuous zoom from 7.5x – 60x including engageable click stops – expanding your insights and reliability. Optimized for higher magnification to see smaller details in perfect contrast. The large working distance and brilliant imaging power show the finest details of your specimens without losing the field of view over large specimens
  • M60 with 6:1-zoom range, with a continuous zoom from 6.3x – 40x including engageable click stops - making repetitive inspection and measurement at a specific zoom position reliable. This system is optimized for a larger field of view to see more at a glance.
  • with 5:1-zoom, featuring a step-zoom with five fixed zoom steps, at 6.3x, 10x, 16x, 25x, and 40x– allowing 100% reproducible results, this ensures that the results remain comparable at all times without great effort. The short optics carrier enables high light throughput and provides a large working distance, ideal in animal surgery and similar applications.
  • The M50, M60, and M80 allow operators to see a large sample overview, work comfortably under the microscope, and capture images of important details easily.