Industrial Microscopy

  • Enjoy working with HD-microscope images live streamed to your PC, HD-monitor, or mobile device. The S9 i stereo microscope has an integrated 10 MP CMOS-camera and can be connected with your facility’s network by Ethernet. This gives you the opportunity to quickly react to queries, get a second opinion, and discuss problems e.g. via tablet with others.
  • Digital microscope system for digital inspectionobservation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the optics ensures magnification of up to 300x. The built-in HDMI microscope camera provides full high definition live images of up to 30fps and a resolution of 5Mpixels.
  • With a Leica M-series stereo microscope you can choose from a comprehensive range of accessories to adapt your microscope to your application, whether it is in materials testing, life science research or forensic application
  • The Leica CLS LED light source has been developed for routine and high-end microscopy applications. It is compatible with all fiber-optic light guides of the LED series.
  • Diffused illumination gives uniform illumination without shadow and glare effects. The Leica LED3000 DI and LED5000 HDI are ideal for documenting samples that are difficult to illuminate using other methods.
  • For transmitted light applications. The Leica LED3000 BLI makes it easy to equip a microscope system with transmitted light. The illuminator can be combined with standard baseplates or even used as a standalone instrument.
  • The Leica LED5000 CXI coaxial illuminator is used for quality control of flat, polished, or reflective samples. Scratches, cracks, impurities, and pores are made exceptionally visible. With coaxial illumination, light is coupled directly into a beam path and reflected into another beam path by the flat sample.