• HistoCore Arcadia C is a cold plate holding more than 60/65 cassettes on its large working surface. Cooling efficiency is important, so the cold plate was designed with an environment adaptive control module to make sure the operating temperature is always stabilized at -6 °C. There is no need to turn down the temperature in summer or worry about too fast cooling in winter. The Arcadia C cold plate can be used as a stand-alone unit for re-cooling blocks prior to sectioning or as part of an embedding center to cool molds after paraffin dispensing.
  • We know how important embedding is for you, so we designed the HistoCore Arcadia H Paraffin Dispenser to meet your needs. The HistoCore Arcadia H allows for simple operation and precise control, resulting in improved quality, a smooth workflow, reliability and speed of your embedding work. Features include wristpads for increased comfort and stability; an improved magnifier for small biopsy embedding; and an LCD touchscreen for increased control and monitoring of the instrument.
  • The HistoCore Arcadia modular tissue embedding system incorporates two separate components, the Arcadia H heated embedding module and the Arcadia C cold plate. The independent modules offer the flexibility to arrange the embedding workflow in the direction that best suits your laboratory.