Aperio Digital Pathology

  • The Aperio VERSA is a comprehensive digital pathology scanner, designed and developed to support the diverse imaging needs of cutting edge research facilities. The combination scanner is optimized for precision scanning of brightfield and fluorescent samples, with the accuracy and resolution required for FISH.
  • Create high-quality digital slides with the ultra-compact Aperio CS2 image capture device from your desktop. With a five-slide capacity and 20X and 40x magnification capabilities, the Aperio CS2 is a highly reliable workhorse for medium-volume sites.
  • The Aperio LV1 is a cost-effective solution for research users looking to adopt Digital Pathology. The small footprint and compact design makes the Aperio LV1 an ideal desktop system. With minimal IT requirements and rapid implementation, your Aperio LV1 can be installed in minutes.
  • The Aperio GT 450 enables histotechnicians to complete scanning tasks quickly and with confidence leveraging a 32-second scan speed*. Output 81 slides/hr at 40x* delivering high quality images with Leica optics and with an IT architecture that is secure and scalable. From the pathology lab to the IT room, the Aperio GT 450 is designed to scale up digital pathology operations.
  • With its compact size, high capacity autoloader and optimal image quality, the Aperio AT2 slide scanner has set new standards in digital pathology. Aperio AT2 consistently delivers precise, whole slide images with an unparalleled, low rescan rate. Slides are available for remote viewing in less than a minute. With an easy-to-use Pathologist's cockpit, coupled with easy integration into laboratory information systems (LIS), the Aperio AT2 provides an ideal platform for research institutions.
  • ntroducing the Aperio AT2 DX System, a 400 slide scanner with Aperio ImageScope DX clinical viewing software, and a high-performance viewing workstation including color-calibrated medical grade monitors. The system can be used standalone, or in conjunction with Aperio Path DX case management software, for a streamlined, clinical workflow. Developed with proven technology from Leica Biosystems, the Aperio AT2 DX System enables high volume clinical labs to produce consistent, diagnostic quality images, enabling pathologists to diagnose with confidence.