• The Mammotome Revolve™ device is designed for accuracy, repeatability and efficiency, while staying true to your core purpose – acquiring the best quality tissue during your patient’s biopsy. 
  • Provides the speed and ease of a core needle with the advantages of vacuum-assisted technology.

    Designed for procedural efficiency and an accurate sample.

  • Offering clinicians the most comprehensive portfolio available, providing a customized solution for every breast biopsy need.

    Breast marking technologies designed to meet your patients’ individual needs.

  • The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope provides the exact image you need at each moment of your procedure. Like a precision timepiece every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony to optimize your view.
  • The Leica M844 F40 belongs to the premium class of ophthalmic surgical microscopes and offers optimal solutions particularly for posterior and high-end anterior segment surgery.
  • The Leica M822 surgical microscope, with enhanced Red Reflex, meets the highest professional requirements of ophthalmic surgeons to perform cataract surgery more precisely and efficiently.
  • The Leica OH4 surgical microscope provides superior reach, height, and clearance. The Leica OH4 floor stands that moves easily and when the brakes are released, the microscope stabilizes in only 1.5 seconds and remains vibration-free. By integrating new glass, glass coatings, and design parameters, high-resolution APO OptiChrome technology delivers an expanded working distance and greater depth of focus. In combination with the innovative light management systems BrightCare and AutoIris, you can operate and safe light levels and still see more than ever before. The M525 OH4 also offers FL800 and FL400 fluorescence for intraoperative visualization of blood flow and tumour tissue.