Ballistics Mic

  • The Leica FS M manually-controlled forensic macroscope provides the flexibility, convenience, and comfort that make it the universal instrument of firearms and tool mark examiner. The versatile system is ideal for the simultaneous observation of evidence for training and consultation. The high-quality comparison bridge supports two precisely matched sets of apochromatically corrected objectives on quintuple ball-bearing nosepieces.
  • The Leica DM4 B complements perfectly the micro comparison bridge. Its fully automatic light management, integrated Variolux color module, selected optics pairs and reproducible illumination ensure you the greatest possible comparison reliability. Contrast methods are available at the touch of a button, while the microscope parameters are automatically stored by the software. The results are thus reproducible at any time.
  • The Leica FS 2500 TL features two Leica DM2500 or DM2700P microscopes with transmitted light illumination under the motorized comparison bridge Leica FSCB. The Leica FS 2500 TL enables high precision comparison of two objects at magnifications up to 1000x, in transmitted light brightfield, transmitted polarized light and transmitted light phase contrast, supplying reliable evidence of the tiniest differences in their microstructure, texture and color.
  • Leica FS C motorized comparison macroscope is used for a wide range of forensic investigations including ballistics, toolmark, and document comparison. Intelligent Automation combines with outstanding ergonomic design.