BOND Polymer Refine Detection

BOND Polymer Refine Detection

DS9800 Bond Polymer Refine Detection


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Bond III Highest Productivity IHC- ISH staining available

Bond Compact Polymer Refine Detection System – Intense. High-Resolution IHC – ISH Staining.
BOND Polymer Refine Detection
A state-of-the-art Compact Polymer detection system for use in both immunohistochemistry and chromogenic in situ hybridization. Small multifunctional linkers enhance tissue penetration, producing unsurpassed sensitivity. The system is biotin-free.
BOND Polymer Refine Detection contains a peroxide block, post-primary, polymer reagent, DAB chromogen and hematoxylin counterstain. It is supplied ready-to-use for the automated BOND system.
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
Primary antibody binding to tissue sections can be visualized using BOND Polymer Refine Detection, where it provides intense, high-resolution staining. A range of BOND ready-to-use primary antibodies are available, or alternatively, use antibody concentrates diluted with BOND Primary Antibody Diluent (AR9352).
Chromogenic in Situ Hybridization (ISH)
BOND Polymer Refine Detection produces highly specific, sensitive and reproducible demonstration of nucleic acid sequences through controlled hybridization reactions.
BOND ready-to-use ISH probes (fluorescein/biotin labelled along with Anti-Fluorescein/biotin secondary antibodies) are used in conjunction with BOND Polymer Refine Detection to produce perfectly tuned, optimized ISH staining results on the BOND system.


Configuration: Automated
Regulatory Status: In Vitro Diagnostic Use
Chromogens: DAB (Brown)