Ophtalmology Microscopes

  • The Proveo 8 ophthalmic microscope provides the exact image you need at each moment of your procedure. Like a precision timepiece every element of the Proveo 8 microscope interconnects and works in perfect synchrony to optimize your view.
  • The Leica M844 F40 belongs to the premium class of ophthalmic surgical microscopes and offers optimal solutions particularly for posterior and high-end anterior segment surgery.
  • The Leica M822 surgical microscope, with enhanced Red Reflex, meets the highest professional requirements of ophthalmic surgeons to perform cataract surgery more precisely and efficiently.
  • For those surgical procedures where an assistant is needed or the microscope’s configuration has to be changed in-between surgical procedures, Leica presents a two-beampath solution.
  • Outstanding HD surgical video for an efficient and reliable OR workflow starts with a high-quality medical camera. An innovative one-touch control button enables you and your OR staff to set up recording and optimize images at any time – without interrupting your workflow.
  • The Leica ToricEyePiece is an ocular with a rotatable angle scale helping the surgeon to position and align toric intraocular lenses (IOL) efficiently, ensuring optimal correction of astigmatism. EASY TO USE Simply rotate the graticule using the