Stereo Microscopes

  • With the DVM6, you can get from the big picture to smallest details in an instant. You can seamlessly carry on working even if changing objective is required, as the sample always stays in focus and no pre-adjustments are needed.
  • The intuitive A60 F and A60 S stereo microscopes fulfill what you need – high sample throughput, optimum visibility of product details and components, and easy processing of subassemblies.
  • Digital microscope system for digital inspectionobservation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the optics ensures magnification of up to 300x. The built-in HDMI microscope camera provides full high definition live images of up to 30fps and a resolution of 5Mpixels.
  • With a Leica M-series stereo microscope you can choose from a comprehensive range of accessories to adapt your microscope to your application, whether it is in materials testing, life science research or forensic application
  • The Leica Flexarm stand can rotate 360° and has a radius of up to one meter, making it highly mobile. This allows for convenient viewing of large samples, which should not or cannot be moved. This is ideal for inspection, assembly, and quality control in electronics manufacturing, in dental laboratories and many other applications.
  • Leica Swingarm Stands (boom stands) are ideal to handle large samples. The high modularity allows to customize these stands depending on sample size and weight of the configuration. Focus arms and drives provide multiple mounting options and more safety features.